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Treat mutton

Umami curry





3 samosas

It's basically a vegetable-based samosa, but sometimes I use meat.

I'm sorry if it feels a little painful.

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Enjoy 3 kinds of beans ❗️

Dal curry

A dish that knows the power of beans. Three kinds of beans that have been carefully boiled for texture are combined with body-friendly spices. You can enjoy the local taste of Bangladesh in Sendai.

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Umami mutton meat

Kutch Biryani 

Miraculous Biryani will be released! "Katch Biryani" is a traditional Bangladeshi dish with a history of 400 years. The combination of spices is original! It's a secret combination in Mamun style! !!

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Of the Mamun family


Chicken curry

Spicy curry Halal hub's signature dish. We will deliver soft chicken with the scent of the Mamun family. The taste that you can't stop and want to eat again even after you finish.

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Berry berry


A special mix of three types of berries: blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. A recommended smoothie with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

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Enjoy 2 kinds of curry

Happiness set

First come, first served! A great value set where you can eat two types of recommended curry. A menu that is safe for greedy people

Commitment to materials

Keeping the local taste of Bangladeshi cuisine​ From the desire to introduce, I use healthy materials that are used locally as much as possible.

No rice other than Basmatei rice is used.

All dishes are halal-friendly.


​You can order from the delivery app

 TEL 022-208-3587(土日祝ランチ予約不可)
 〈ランチ〉  11:00〜15:00  (L.O 14:30)
 〈ディナー〉 17:00〜21:00  (L.O 20:30)
 定休日 木曜・金曜ランチ


​ 駐車場詳細はInstagramのハイライトを確認ください。



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